Friday, December 18, 2015


Today Monica released her new album Code Red that features the single "Just Right For Me" featuring Young Money rapper Lil' Wayne. It has been a huge topic of discussion for many years on the state of r&b including the overall music industry. Many feel that artists who have substance do not get the rightful recognition that they deserve while others receive all of the promotion that the world can offer.

There is a new song on Monica's album entitled "I Miss Music", in the song she calls out many artists names like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, TLC, Biggie, Sting, Prince & many others. Monica opens her heart with a cry of missing music, while some may feel she is just shouting out her favorite artists it is truly deeper then that.

Listen after the cut.

Back in 2014, I wrote a piece titled 'Inspirational Music v.s. What's Popular (A Declining Music Industry)'. I spoke on how the industry has had it's hand in ruining the music legacy of many artists. Check out the informative article HERE.

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