Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Adele has flawlessly proven that her music can stand the test of time & that people want to hear great music from a incomparable talent. Her new album 25 has sold millions of units & it's only in its second week of being released, but could her strong stance on music streaming affect her music reaching more people?

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25 is strongly benefiting in sales by not being available for online streaming where it can only be physically bought or via iTunes. The album that shot to the top with the release of it's leading single "Hello" can not be streamed on any music platform like TIDAL, Spotify or Apple music. 

As many of you know streaming can have a big affect on a single or albums position on the music charts, so why would the Brit decide not to deliver her music to the popular streaming service? In a statement with the publication Rolling Stone Adele explains in detail her decision to not make this happen. 

“[Streaming] probably is the future, but, eh. There are kids I know who are, like, nine who don’t even know what a fucking CD is! I’ve got my CDs out on display in my house just to prove a point. Maybe CDs will have a massive comeback like vinyl did. Actually I think cassettes, just to be a pain in the ass! [Laughs] I’ve got all my Destiny’s Child cassettes!”

Adele makes a good point on her decision, but the reality is illegal downloading is still very present when it comes to music. Regardless if she makes her music available to the streaming platforms people will still be able to illegally download it & enjoy. Let's be honest, weather she releases the album for streaming or not the project is continuing to push many units sold on a daily basis so in this case Adele gets the last laugh & she's laughing all the way to the bank. 

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