Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Back in May singer & Georgia peach Ciara released her album Jackie that was named after her mother & kicked off its new era with the r&b single "I Bet" that became a fan favorite. She kept the momentum going by embarking on tour bringing her fans live performances of the new material hitting cities Miami & hometown of Atlanta. With the unveiling of the album latest offering "Dance Like We're Making Love" she proved that she could definitely pull off yet another solid r&b record with a pop/dance sound, but is that all for the era of Jackie?

Find out below. 

After hitting the road months ago for the official tour for the Jackie album she has plans to embark on the road once again to further promote the project. During a recent interview Cici was asked a question that was from one of her biggest fans named Chris who wanted to know what's next for the Jackie album. 

Ciara going back on tour is just what she needs to promote the album. The project has many solid records that surely will help to take her career to new heights as a music artist. 

Thanks Chris!!

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