Thursday, July 16, 2015


Back in February many of Selena Quintanilla Perez's fans cmae together & created a petition on in efforts to get the attention of popular beauty brand MAC Cosmetics. The loyals fans want the company to put together a special edition make-up line in the name of Selena to represent the beauty that she possessed on the inside & outside. To date the petition has ben signed by over 30 thousand people who support the cause & want to see it come to reality & because of all of their social media efforts it's finally happening.

Get the exciting details below.

Today MAC has officially announced that they will indeed be releasing the Selena Quintanilla Collection that will make it's debut in 2016. While the announcement is still fresh their are no details on what the collection will consist of, but we can imagine that their will definitely be an array of different colors of lipsticks especially in the color red since she wore that color a lot.

20 years after the untimely death of the Tejano star & her light continues to shine brighter then ever & it's all because of her fans. This movement has proven that the fans have the power to make many things happen in a celebrities life. Kudos to the Selena fans for keeping her memory, music & timeless legacy alive for the past two decades

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