Thursday, June 11, 2015


Recent months have sadly not brought any luck for Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea. It all started with artists Tinashe & Nick Jonas dropped out of The Great Escape Tour, then months later the entire tour was cancelled leaving many fans frustrated & wondering what happened. Azalea was tapped to perform at this years Pittsburgh Gay Pride event that is to celebrate the freedom & pride for individuals of the LGBTQ community, but it looks like once again she has disappointed her fans.

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Iggy was forced to pull out from performing at the event due to alleged racist & homophobic remarks, but according to her fans the remarks were made up by a critic in hopes to tarnish her reputation with the LGBTQ community. The odd thing is that this week she reportedly admitted to taking negative aims at African American men, lesbians, gay men & Mexicans. 

Iggy Azalea was replaced by Nick Jonas to perform at the Pittsburgh event, according to Billboard:

"A statement from the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh says Jonas contacted event organizers himself after hearing of Azalea's cancellation. Nick had heard about Pittsburgh Pride in the media and called us on Tuesday and said he would like to come and perform,said Gary Van Horn, president of Delta Foundation. He has ben a supporter of the LGBT community, and he wanted to make sure that the community and Pittsburgh had a Pride event that they could be proud of."

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