Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Mo Money, Mo Problems!!

Just a few days ago rapper & business mogul Jay-Z celebrated the release of his new media venture with the help of some of his famous celebrity friends in the industry. The celebration has come to a hault with some legal troubles that he is facing regarding one of his biggest hits. 

8 years ago he & producer Timbaland were accused of copyright infringement claiming that the duo stole the concept of his song "Big Pimpin" from another artist. These claims are causing him to have to head to court over the legal matter. 

More details after the jump. 

A Egyptian movie called Fata ahlami that came out in 1960 featured a song entitled "Khosara, Khosara" was crafted by Baligh Hamdy. A heir of Hamdy named Osama Ahmed Fahmy has claimed that both Jay & Timbaland stole parts of the 60's song & sampled his for the 90's hip-hop hit. 

Nearly a decade later they are being sued for copyright infringement & the case will be taken to court later this year in October. 

According to Billboard:

"In her tentative ruling, federal judge Christina Snyder agreed the terms of the licensing agreements present triable issues. In the courtroom, she pointed out the lawsuit’s extraordinary lifespan. “I think this case really has to head toward some form of resolution sooner rather than later,” she said. The attorneys noted that a settlement conference went nowhere. “I think the only answer is to march toward trial,” said Wesley."

Listen to both songs below where you will immediately hear that they sound very similar. 

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