Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Any fan of the Love & Hip-Hop reality tv franchises know that Atlanta is the most popular cast that is guaranteed to bring the drama each week that it airs on VH1. The shows breakout star Joseline Hernandez recently sat down for a deposition where she was under oath to tell the absolute truth. During the sitdown she spoke openly about the show & admitted that the show is scripted for entertainment purposes. 

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According to TMZ

Hernandez testified under oath in a videotaped deposition that she and other cast members stick to a script. She’s being sued by former co-star Althea Eaton, who claims Joseline got high on crack cocaine and then beat the crap out of her during a reunion show. During the depo, Althea’s lawyer wanted to know if the real Joseline emerged during the fight in question, or whether it was pre-programmed. Joseline is brutally honest in the depo. 

The self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess stated that: "it's a lot of acting in a reality show." 

Watch the deposition HERE.

It is no secret that viewers & reality television cast members either feel as though or admitted that these very popular shows are scripted. Most of the executives & people behind the scenes setup false situations & patiently wait for the drama to begin. 

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