Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Last year Australian rapper Iggy Azalea came under fire when it was speculated that she did not write her own rhymes for some of her biggest hits. Most recently Kendrick Lamar put artists on blast on his song "King Kunta" for using ghost writers. Azalea saw much success after the release of her single "Fancy" in 2014 that made it's way to the Billboard Hot 100. Just weeks after Iggy announced the postponing of her The Great Escape Tour a rapper by the name of Skeme has outed the female rapper.

Get all the details below.

Skeme sat down for a interview with Sway In The Morning & confessed that he indeed was responsible for Iggy's popular music. He was asked could he confirm or deny that he was hired to write for her which he made the not so shocking announcement that he was hire to do the job of writing some of her rhymes. 

After his confession he went onto explain which parts he was responsible for writing & what he was not responsible for.

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