Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Judging by some new information that has hit the Internet it looks like Atlantic Records has plans to demolish Nicki Minaj & her successful rap career. A British female rapper that goes by the name Lady Leshurr recently did a interview with The Guardian & claims that the label wanted to use her as Nicki's replacement. According to the Leshurr the label had hopes of blowing her "out of the water".

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During the interview Lady Leshurr has claimed that some of the staff at Atlantic Records offered to sign her to the label but she turned it down. Many will wonder why a up & coming artist would turn down a contract with a very popular label & that is because what she learned what the label planned she did not want to be a part of it.

I can honestly say that I respect Lady Leshurr for turning down the recording contract. Even though it would've been a big boost for her career she decided to take a respectable route & decline. She showed a lot of respect for herself to not allow Atlantic Records to use her just to knock Nicki Minaj off her well deserved status as a rapper in the industry. We can all agree that this would of indeed been a major opportunity for Leshurr, but their are better ways to break into the music scene without stepping on other artists to get to the top. 

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