Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Grammy nominated singer & star of R&B Divas: Atlanta reality show Angie Stone has gotten herself into some trouble with the law. Yesterday evening she & her daughter Diamond Stone got into a physical altercation & resulted in Diamond punching Angie in the face & she then retaliated by striking her daughter in the face with a metal stand causing her teeth to fall out. The fight was witnessed by family friend Blondy Chisolm who told police that she was unaware of who attacked the other first.

Get all the details below.
 According to the DeKalbCounty Police incident report the altercation began according to Diamond when Angie entered her room & demanded that she clean up the mess & to control her children who were running around the home half naked. Diamond went on to say that her mother began to get in her face telling her that she needed to leave because she was tired of her.

Both parties began to argue & then that's when things got physical. Angie told the police that she did not realize that she hit her daughter with the metal stand & once she realized what she had done she put the stand down & tried to get away. Angie went on to state that while trying to get away Diamond continue to come after her as if she was going to attack her. The family friend Blondy Chisolm helped to break-up the altercation, Diamond's version is different from her mother's. She says that she is the one who walked away after her mother Angie struck her in the face & proceeded to call the police. 

Both ladies were taken into custody by the DeKalb Police & were questioned at the county police department headquarters where Diamond was released with no charges. Angie Stone is currently being charged with domestic aggravated assault. 

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