Thursday, February 19, 2015


Back in 2014 Iggy Azalea caught a lot of backlash for not being black enough to be in the hip-hop genre of music. Many Nicki Minaj fans have continuously tormented Azalea & pushing their unwanted opinion on who she is as a music artist. Recently she was vacationing with her boyfriend/basketball player Nick Young in Hawaii. A photo of her went viral online on all the popular social media outlets & she was being scrutinized for her body image. 

After Iggy saw the hateful comments on twitter she then vented her frustration for all the world to see. 

Read it below. 

It is very sad that we live in a time where people on social media feel as though it is okay to tell down to others. Regardless if people want to admit it or not this is yet another form of bullying and just because someone is a celebrity & live their lives in the public eye does not mean that it is ok to make them feel unworthy. 

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