Monday, February 23, 2015


Last week fashion expert Katie Cutrone spoke her honest opinion on Kanye West & his lack of expertise to be classified as a legit fashion designer. Now the CEO of Capital records Steve Barnett is speaking out on Kanye's recent antics & labeled him a buffoon. He chatted with Billboard & spoke on how disrespectful West was for ruining Beck's award winning moment at the Grammy's a few weeks ago.

Find out what he had to say below.

"I think he needs a therapist. ... We live in a world where there is freedom of speech, if you want to act like a buffoon, you can act like a buffoon."

As we have all witnessed before in the past Kanye has no problem speaking his mind whenever he feels passionate about any situation. The problem is that he obviously does not know that there is a time & a place for such antics.

Check out the video below showing Kanye interrupting Beck's Grammy moment.

Find out what Katie Cutrone had to say HERE.

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