Monday, November 10, 2014


Over the last few years of her career singer/actress JoJo has not been able to release any new albums, but she has been keeping her fans satisfied with the release of numerous mixtapes. As most of you can recall earlier this year she celebrated being released from her former record label Blackground Records who held her hostage & would not allow her to release new material. This past Valentine's Day the Jumping Trains singer released a EP titled Love JO that allowed her to return to music in a big way.

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Over the weekend JoJo attended the Unlikely Heroes Charity Gala & spoke with Maximo Tv where she delivered fresh details about her upcoming music. Jo confirmed that her next album is in the process of almost being complete & her fans can expect a brand new single in early 2015. Earlier in 2014 she signed a new recording contract with Atlantic Records who many feel will appreciate a wonderful & talented artist. 

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