Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Fists were flying yesterday in New York for during the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion ! VH1 reported via Instagram that an all out cat fight went down, but the crazy thing is the altercation didn't start from the women.

TMZ reports that it all began when Benzino made a sly remark towards Stevie J about him and Joseline doing drugs, that's when Stevie jumped up to defend himself but security on set broke it up before an altercation went down! 

More details below.

For those of you who don't know, earlier this week a video went viral of Stevie's wife Joseline rapping in the studio appearing to be high off of more than life! It was also reported that while security was stopping Stevie and Zino from throwing bows, Joseline sneaks a hit to Benzinos fiancĂ© Althea's face and that's when fists started flying and weaves were slinging ! Several different fights broke out  according to viewers and a few behind the scenes peeps ! The fighting finally came to an end when NYPD showed up and shut things down ! At least 3 people were treated for minor injuries by paramedics, but who was treated is not clear at the moment. VH1 cameras were rolling during the entire incident but we highly doubt that the good stuff will be show when the reunion airs on TV. It's sad because Stevie J and Benzino have been friends for so long, and for them to nearly go to blows because of two women they have in their life makes you think...maybe they should reevaluate who they have in their lives or at least try to get these two ladies to ask civilized around each other for the sake of friendship ! Check out what Benzino and Stevie J had to say after the brawl went down!

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