Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Awwww Reggie Bush marries his girlfriend and mother of his child Lilit Avagyan ! Kim's brother
Brody and his girlfriend Kaitlynn attended the wedding and were all smiles with pictures on Instagram to prove it.

We all know that Brody didn't attend the Kardashian, West wedding because his girlfriend didn't receive and invite so instead Brody took a last minute DJ gig ! But get this Radaronline reports that Jenner says he could "care less" if he hurt Kim's feelings by not showing up for her wedding but attended her ex boyfriends wedding of three years ! Radaronline also reports that an insider said they overheard Brody saying that Reggie Bush dodged a bullet by letting Kim go and that he's never seen him happier ! Well it's all over with now but I'm just curious.... Do you think Brody was wrong for this ???!!!

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