Saturday, March 1, 2014


Out of all the social media platforms of today's world is twitter, as most of us know who use it twitter can be very good & it can also be very negative. It is a place were fans can interact with each other but out of all of the fan bases Beyonce's #Beyhive always defends her at any given moment. Bey's name & excellence has been tied to words like slay, queen, motha, Beysus, but the biggest one is The Wig Snacher which means that once the queen steps off her throne no other female in the industry will be relevant. Even though Beyonce rarely ever uses twitter someway & somehow she know that terms that her loyal & passionate fans use to describe their undying love for her. During a recent concert in London for the 2014 Mrs. Carter World Tour while performing "XO" she recited a few worlds that lets us know that she knows what's being said on social media.

Find out after the cut.

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