Monday, January 13, 2014


Kanye West is known to speak his mind in the most boldest way & many times his actions have gotten him into trouble mostly with the media, but this time his actions could very much be justified. Earlier today Kim Kardashian was seen entering a doctors office in Beverly Hills where the paparazzi was awaiting her arrival to get a few photos of her. As she enters the building a 18 year old boy tried to hold the door for her in a effort to help her, but his good deed went unnoticed. 

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According to media source TMZ the following events happened:

Kim K. began walking when the young man allegedly said "F**k these fa**ot-ass n****rs", as he was referring to the overbearing paparazzi. Kim then stated that it was unnecessary to use the N-word.

The boy screamed at Kim & said, "F**k you bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover, stupid slut." 

Moments later Kanye barged into the waiting room of chiropractor Richard Hill to confront the 18 year old about his racist comments & according to witnesses Kanye then punched him in the face & Kim screamed "We have it all on tape."

Reportedly a message therapist stepped in between the two of them to break it up, the police were called & the boy said that he wanted to press charges.

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