Thursday, December 5, 2013


The Christmas season is upon us & as we all know it's all about giving & that's exactly what rapper Drake did. The actor turned rapper was heavily inspired after seeing a segment on ABC News about Strawberry Mansion High School in Philadelphia, the school has been known to be a institution that has not gotten all of the positive attention that is strongly needs. Drake made a impromptu visit to the school & surprised the students with some much needed happiness.

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Drizzy spoke with ABC News about how he was inspired while watching the story about the song & how viewers donated money to provide new school uniforms for the students. During his chat with the popular news source he stated:

"I caught this pice that Diane the end of it, I was so heavily effected that I started questioning major aspects of my life."

Drake in return paid a visit to the school & announced that he had plans to build the students a recording studio at the learning institution. If that wasn't enough he gave all the students free tickets to his upcoming show for his Would You Like A Tour concert that will be held at The Wells Fargo Center on December 18th.

Below is the news segment that inspired Drake to help these deserving students of the future.

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