Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The beautiful ladies of Danity Kane are not the only one's reuniting with plans of a successful new year. The ladies former label mates Day 26 have reunited after going their separate ways back in 2012, as most you can remember Que Mosley embarked on a solo career that saw much success with his music. All five of them Willie Taylor, Robert Curry, Brian Andrews, Michael McCluney & Que are currently preparing to go on a 30 city tour starting in Spring of 2014. The members of the group have released a official press statement about the reunion.

Read it after the jump.

"The time has finally come and it's official. Promoters, radio stations, bloggers, magazines be a part of this amazing reunion that the fans been begging for "DAY26 THE REUNION TOUR!"

"Featuring all 5 members of the group and Donnie Klang & DeAngelo Redman/ members from making of the band 4... All together on 1 stage for the world to enjoy."

Judging from the previous works of the group we can all imagine how great the music will sound especially since some years has passed and they have had room to grow musically. Hopefully the fans will also get the announcement of a brand-new single and album in 2014, but for now we all can bask in the glory of knowing that they will be having a reunion tour. 

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