Friday, December 13, 2013


For months now many have been questioning if Beyonce has lost her mind, eve since the beginning of the year her fans have wondered when the new single & album would be released. Within the year Bey has had numerous highly publicized opportunities to release a new single & be able to successfully capitalize off of it, but from what the world saw she didn't use it to her advantage. Little did we all know it was all apart of her plan to surprise her die hard fans, the one & only queen has stunned the internet by releasing a brand new album that consists of 32 tracks & videos. 

Get more details below.

On the new album King Bey has collaborated with Drake, Frank Ocean, her husband Jay-Z & daughter Blue Ivy. This is the best early Christmas gift that her fans could ever receive, it's amazing that she had the courage to release a album with NO promotion & NO leading single, but even without all of that I am very sure it will be successful. 

Buy the new album HERE.

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