Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Lil' Kim can never catch a break between her very own fans voicing their opinions on her failed promises to her continued attempts to reclaim her 1990's rap fame she should be very worried about her hip-hop career. To add fuel to the fire it looks like she maybe seeing the inside of a courtroom sometime soon due to the fact that she can now add thief to her long list of public troubles. As most of you may already know she has released a new song entitled "Dead Gal Walking" a few weeks ago from her forthcoming mixtape Hard Core: Return 2 Da Streetz.

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On the day of the songs release a photo was also released as the tracks artwork, but before Kim could enjoy any positive reviews of the song the internet began to buzz about the photo being stolen. Many people mentioned Kim on social media making her aware that the photo was owned by a make-up artist from Canada who goes by the social media name Sssamanthaa.

The young lady spoke with Reddit & told her side of the story regarding the photo & it's origination, including how she has tried to resolve the situation.

"So, this is a thing that's been happening. Lil' Kim took my photo & is using it as album art, might I add that she took the liberty of adding her watermark over it on instagram. I have spoken with a lady on her team as well as her manager, which has done a whole lot of nothing. I've reported the photos on Facebook & Instagram multiple times, but they are continually posted. Anyone have any thoughts on what to do here? I live in BC, Canada."

Hopefully this unfortunate situation will be resolved outside of court because the last thing Kim needs is a lawsuit because if that happens her fans won't see a new album anytime soon.

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