Saturday, November 30, 2013


Late last month Lil' Kim released a new track called "Dead Gal Walking" & as quick as the song hit the internet she came under fire for allegedly stealing a picture from a make-up artist & using it as her own. The girl stated to the media that she tried numerous times to contact Kim's team to make them aware that the photo belonged to her but got no response & that she would sue if i could not be resolved outside of court. Now it looks like Kim & her ride or die team have been accused of stealing once again making it easy for her not to be trusted.

Get more details below.

A producer that goes by the twitter name of @ProducerSX took to his twitter earlier today to mention that he heard Kim's new song "I Am Kimmy Blanco" & wondered how she got ahold of the beat that he created. He was sure to clarify that she did not steal it but he did not send it to her people to use.

Kimberly can never catch a break, her hotly anticipated Hard Cord: Return 2 Da Streetz mixtape has already been delayed numerous of times & nowshe is beginning to be labeled a thief! Hopefully both of these situations can be resolved before it can ruin her name in the industry making it harder for a successful comeback.

Listen to "I Am Kimmy Blanco" HERE.

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