Saturday, November 9, 2013


By the looks of things it looks like Justin Bieber is following in the footsteps of his buddy Chris Brown by doing things he has no business doing. The 19-year-old Pop singer was charged for tagging a wall in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. According to E! News Bieber was charged at a three day investigation, during the extensive investigation police interviewed Bieber's bodyguards, paparazzi & all people involved. Even though Justin will not be arrested for the graffiti he will have to pay a fine and it could take up to 30 days for the judge to review all of the evidence.

More info below.

After Bieber and some friends were caught tagging a wall of a old hotel the police if Rio were contacted. People of Bieber's camp claim that he had permission from Rio's City Hall to spray paint a different wall but opted out once he felt as though the area was too dangerous which turned out to be illegal.

Prior to being charger Justin explained:

"Every place I have tag has been approved. I do not suggest tagging private property, I still suck but I enjoy doing it."

While on his Believe tour he has been spray painting in various countries throughout South America. He showed support for his close friend Chris Brown by spray painting "Free Breezy" along with pictures of a monkey and his pet hamster on a wall. When asked about the graffiti Bieber replied and said "this is my escape".

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