Sunday, November 10, 2013


It has been a very long time since we have heard from singer Ameriie. Been four years since the release of her last album In Love And War and over the past few years she has made some promises to her fans never seen as far as her returning to the music scene. Judging by some new information it looks like she's making her way back & in a big way.

Get more details after the jump.

As of lately Ameriie has added an extra "I" to her name & she says because "the vibration felt right". She announced on Twitter that she is working on the sequel to 2007's LP "BECAUSE I LOVE IT".

"I'm missing #yallfest but I'm happy about finishing up 1 of my favorite rcd's #BILIvol2 #eyeofthetiger"

I hope that she will bring that face buys that she didn't years ago with her music.

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