Monday, October 14, 2013


Even before she made her reality tv debut on VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta singer K. Michelle has been known to speak her mind with no regrets which has been displayed on the drama filled show many times within the past two seasons she's been a cast member. While many respect K for speaking her mind truthfully their are some who refuse to except it on any level.

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Last night K. Michelle was at Ricardo's restaurant in Harlem, New York with her Love & Hip Hop: New York cast mate Yandy Smith & some friends when she was approached by a fan who asked for a picture with her & according to the fan she rudely replied no & exited the establishment. Later in the night K posted a photo of herself, Yandy & a gentleman on Instagram & that same fan commented on the photo saying:

After noticing the comment Michelle replied in her usual way by insulting her & then explaining exactly why she decided not to take photo with the young lady.

I do understand her reasoning for making the choice not to take the photo with the fan, but I believe that she should of went about declining in a different way. Calling the woman rude names was absolutely uncalled for & she could possibly lose a few loyal fans over this childish incident. After replying to the woman K. Michelle she addressed her fans explaining how she is not perfect:

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