Thursday, October 10, 2013


Ever since earlier this year when Beyonce rocked the Super Bowl Halftime Show her fans have been patiently waiting for her to return with a new hit single & album which they thought would be the cocky track "Grown Woman" but it turned out not to be. Now some rumored information has come from across the pond in London regarding a possible new music video from King Bey.

More details after the jump.

It is rumored that Bey has began shooting a video for a untitled track in a former RAF bomb shelter in Greenbury Common. As many can remember a few months ago photos surfaced of Beyonce showing both Kelly & Michelle the actual video for "Grown Woman" but as of yet nothing has be released in support of the record.

 No one on her team has released any info on a possible video or even a single that the Bey Hive can look forward two. With the end of the year quickly approaching it looks like we won't get anything new from Mrs. Knowles-Carter & hopefully we will be surprised at the top of the new year. 

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