Tuesday, August 6, 2013


A good family time almost turned into a tragedy in Atlanta yesterday when Usher & his ex-wife Tameka Raymond's son Cinco nearly drowned in the family pool. While the little boy was playing in the pool with his aunt he suddenly saw a toy in the drain of the pool & went after it & his arm got stuck in the drain. Both the aunt & the maid made efforts to release his arm from the drain but were unsuccessful until two men who were working in the house rushed in & freed the boy. 

More details after the jump.

Once the boy was removed from the water he was immediately given CPR & then rushed to the hospital for treatment. Just last year Tameka lost her son Kile who was 11 years old in a jet ski accident that happened at Lake Lanier. Cinco is still in the hospital having test ran on him, but doctors say that he will be fine & both of his parents are at the hospital by his side.

We can only hope & pray that Cinco recovers successful after this tragic event because the last think Usher & Tameka needs is to lose another child.

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