Friday, August 16, 2013


Usually when we hear about Miguel we think of his smooth singing vocals as a budding r&b singer who has the potential to be a mega star. Sadly Miguel is in the news for being arrested early Thursday morning for driving while under the influence of alcohol in Los Angeles. He was driving his 2013 BMW X6 when he was pulled over for tinted windows & speeding along a L.A. highway at about 2:15 in the morning.

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When Miguel was pulled over the officer smell alcohol & proceeded to put him through a line of field sobriety tests & the "Adorn" singer failed. Even after taking a breathalyzer test he failed when the results came out to be .10 & .11 that is highly over California's .08 legal limit, he was then taken into police custody & place under arrest. Just a few hours after being arrested his bail of $5,000 was paid & he was released, in September he will have to go before a judge for some form of sentencing.

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