Monday, August 5, 2013


Since April singer Fantasia has been promoting her latest studio project of music Side Effects of You all over the world as she has traveled from state to state in support of her new rock/soul era. This past weekend Tasia was the opening act for TGT ( Tyrese Ginuwine Tank) for their show at the Atlanta Civic Center & things quickly went sour when she was not allowed to do a proper sound check for the start of the show. Now anyone knows that seasoned music artists must do a soundcheck in order to make sure the sound is great from all angles in a venue. 

Get more details below.

Fantasia also was upset because during her rendition of her uplifting single "Lose To Win" her background singers mics were muted making it difficult to bring the song & it's message to life especially with the harmonies of the singers. All of this unneccesary drama caused Fantasia to walk off the stage in disgust & frustration. After the show her manager Brian Dickens posed with Tank for a photo that he posted on instagram with the caption:

"My looooong time friend Tank @therealtank & I after the show. Great solo artist follow & support him."

As you can see Brian did not mention the other two members & referred to Tank as a solo artist making it believable that the other two members could be to blame for the drama during the show.

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