Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It has been many years since singer Jojo has released another album since 2006 & many have wondered why such a talented artist as she is has not given birth to new material including a album. For sometime now she has been fighting with her record label Blackground to get out of her recording contract that expired in March of 2011 & the label has refused to let her out of her contract. 

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Jojo's major defense is that when she originally signed her contract with the label she was only 12 years old & under New York state law minors are not allowed to sign contracts that last more then 7 years. She has so far sold over 5 millions records & has established herself as a powerhouse singer who knows exactly how to construct a wonderful record. The label has gone onto file for bankruptcy & in the process Jojo has lost her distribution deal with Interscope records & sadly she has recorded new music & filmed music videos that have never been released to help further her career. 

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