Tuesday, July 30, 2013


The past few years have truly be very unlucky for former rap superstar DMX, he has been arrested countless times for drug possession & has been fighting is substance abuse for many years. Just a few months ago he was featured on Iyanla Vanzant: Fix My Life on The OWN Network where she did everything in her power to help him rebuild his relationship with his son & to realize that his life was quickly spiraling out of control. 

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Yesterday DMX filled for bankruptcy in Manhattan, New York, according to him he is between $1 to $10 million in debt & only has $50 thousand in assets. To make things even worse for him he owes $1.24 million is back child support according to official courts documents. D also owes $21,000 on a auto lease, just a few days ago he was arrested for suspicion of driving while under the influence & without a valid license in South Carolina. His publicist spoke out on his behalf about the bankruptcy filing & how it will benefit him in the future stating:

"DMX's financial strains have been inhibiting his career for several years. Poor financial management by prior representation have caused him to be ineligible to retain a passport. The purpose of this bankruptcy filing is for reorganization so he can perform for his fans oversees. We are currently planning a tour in Europe and Africa for the fall of 2013."

Sadly the once popular & chart-topping rapper that the hip-hop community once knew is long gone simply because of his denial of his alcohol & drug abuse. If he does not get all the help he needs he will be like many other celebrities who have lost their lives to this vicious cycle to drugs & alcohol.

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