Wednesday, June 12, 2013


After releasing his debut album Misfit last month rap assassin Loco Ninja has unleashed a brand new music video. Loco has teamed up with another rapper by the name of Murs for a track entitled "Live" where he tells the story of his life & some of the things he's gone through over the years. 

Watch the video below.
Loco spoke exclusively to Raw Hollywood & spoke openly about the concept of the song & video.

"The concept was to bring people a little closer to my personal story, but it was for people to relate to the hardships & struggles of everyday life & where we come from."

On the video concept:

"The video was suppose to have a feel of a documentary or if you we're to pop in a cassette tape/DVD of Loco Ninja's life & you could watch highlights of some of my story."

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