Monday, April 29, 2013


It looks like 90's rap queen Lil' Kim is finally ready to make her debut back to music, this past weekend while at her concert at NYC's Gramercy Theater she spoke with XXL exclusively about her long awaited return. As reported some months ago producer Bangladesh is no longer the executive producer of Kim's next album but he will be producing her next official single. 

Check out what she had to say below.

On her official single:

“I’ve had so many singles that we just put out to feed the streets, but the first official single will be out in May, June or July. [It's] produced by Bangladesh. It’s different.”

On the rumored title of her album, Hard Core 2All Hail The Queen:

“No, [Hard Core 2: All Hail The Queen] was just something that my fans tried to push on us.  They had their own mind made up of things they want me to do. Songs they want me to make. Vintage was a title I heard. I was like, ‘Cute.’ I like vintage clothes, and everyone knows that, so people were like, ‘Oh, Kim, because your favorite kind of clothes are vintage, why don’t you name the album Vintage?’ I’m like, ‘It’s cute, but no.’ [Laughs]”

On returning to music:

“It feels good. [There's] nothing like a great comeback. I love being the underdog sometimes. Right now, I may be considered an underdog in some specific iconic way. You know what I mean? Sometimes, we have to go into hibernation and regroup. I’m blessed enough to been in the game for a while and still have my beautiful fans and still have the respect. That’s something that gets me going. I’m also fortunate enough to take vacation and take a little hiatus. Relax, and see what the next level I want to go to.”

After have been away for so long we all hope that Kim is ready to return to her throne & release some true & raw lyrical rhymes of that resemble her former days of hip-hop royalty.

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